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Hi everybody.

I've been flying for little over a year and the cost of crashing has seriously started to injure my wallet.

The Flite Test swappable series keeps seeming like a better and better idea, however we don't have the availability of ready board anywhere in South Africa.

I have looked into the DIY options of producing your own foam board and I would like to write an article on it; to help those in a similar situation. However, I would need a control to compare to my own foam board. Unfortunately I don't have access to any (and I mean ANY) foam board remotely resembling that which FT uses.

Would somebody mind please accurately (.1grams) weighing a new piece of 20" x 30" Ready Board and posting the weight here? You will be mentioned in the article.

Thank you!



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According to my scale, Dollar Tree foam board weights about 120 grams per sheet. 0.1 gram precision isn't needed as there is a variety of several grams between sheets.

I have seen numbers between 115 and 140 grams in various historical posts. It is unclear if this represents (1) general manufacturing variances (2) a change in manufacturing at some point (3) people using with inaccurate/un-calibrated scales or (4) a combination of the above.

It is worth noting that the paper represents half of the weight of the composite board. If you remove both sides of paper, the foam itself weighs about 60 grams.

darryl whitman

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Thank you rockets4kids!

This information helps a lot, and will certainly be used in comparison tests.

I found to liten the aircraft, remove the paper only from 1 side , an use this side with removed paper
on the inside of the build, with the paper to the out side your build will stay strong an eazy to paint,
the paper will take most paints you can get from local hardware stores...