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Weird DVR Project

So im poor with no form of income and trying to make a jerry rigged DVR to googles that dont have DVR support.
Ive just come across an EasyCap (works with phone, tested) and I already have an OTG cable and some composite cable however I have the Eachine VR-007 Pros and they dont support any form of AV-out but I found this video on youtube showing someone Making a Pro DVR work.


I found out with a bit of digging what the wires are on this compostite cable and also heres my Fake EasyCap that I got from my friend who he got from his friend so as far as im concerned this thing could be an Ice-Cream machine for all I know.

Composite Cable Wiring.jpg
Wiring of Composite Cable

IceCream Machine.jpg
Ice Cream Machine?

Crappy Diagram

I have what I need like a soldering iron and heat shrink and the solder itself, I just want to know, Has anyone tried something as ridiculous as this? Or will it even be possible?
Thank you for reading this :)
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Fly Angry
Should be OK providing the video input range is standard in the ice-cream machine. The only thing I suggest is use shielded cable and make the runs as short as possible as I am sure that cheap dvr is not gonna send the clearest of signals on its best day let alone when paralleled out to a second device.

Are you doing this to make the computer a secondary screen? If you are doing it in hopes of better video recording you wont get better video quality just the ability to have more space to store it and not have to import from the built in dvr.
Im actually using it as my only form of DVR, the Eaching VR-007 Pros dont come with an AV-out so I'll have to tap into something, and im using my phone with an app that receives the video from the easy cap and allows it to record

quick edit, I actually got it to work for a few seconds while plugged into my PC heres the link.

Just note that I was holding the GND and Signal wires on as I dont have access to a soldering iron right now so the video got cut and the colours were bad and the video reception was also bad because of that
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Fly Angry
Why not just get one of the Eachine dvr's and do the mods like everyone else. Very similar to this with out the need to drag a laptop around and have long wire tethers to get tangled in?
I would love the Eachine Pro DVR but cant afford it but already had the Easycap, OTG Cable, and the Composite cable, and the easy cap will pug into a phone and will record from there