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Western PA

Anyone in Western PA?

I am in Johnstown myself. Member of Johnstown RC Club. Have our own flying field.

Working on my first FT plane, Bushwacker. Fun to build.
Been flying store bought foamies for a couple yrs. I do heli's also.

~ Gary Lundgren


My name is Bryan McCord. I live just outside Washington PA. I currently fly at Mingo Creek Park.

I am not currently working on a new plane I am getting ready for Flite Fest plan to start a Bronco or Explorer while there.


New member
I'm currently living in the Greensburg area, and I travel to my home place in Bedford County to fly mostly because I have better luck there. Ive been into flying for just about 2 years now. I really enjoy building almost as much as flying.
So far in my hangar I have :
A couple versa copter so
A ft cruiser and a mini cruiser
Ft Explorer
Bloody wonder
Arrow, I've probably built a dozen of those
Mustang, one of my favorites
Mini mustang
Baby blender
The newer tri and biplane
Phantom fx 61
..... man I need to slow down. Lol