what are these called ?


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I pulled 4 of these connectors from an old multiplex easystar I crashed a while back. they seem to work well for these foam board builds. I would love to get a few more but can't seem to find them. I'm also not sure even what they are called. Anyone have an idea what I can search for or where I can get some like it?


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I think I found them. I really like the looks of these.


I don't know where else they are available though.

Here is the link that I finally google drilled down to:
Multiplex Twin Horn PRod Connector MPX

Good luck!

yes those are them, thank you. I have been reusing them from build to build. The seem to work great and makes adjusting them much easier.


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Could make your own with a 3d printer. Or just use two ft wood control horns and a linkage stopper.