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What are your kk2 pi settings for your x quad?


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So I'm in the process of dialing in my quad with the kk2 board and it is getting close. But not quite as solid as i would like yet.

I'm curious to see what others have found works for them. I realize each config will be unique based on the equipment used as well as the pilot's flying style. But I'm going to guess that there are going to be some generally common trends that may guide and help others in their setup process.

So go ahead and post your P and I gain and limit values and add any usefull tips to the tuning process you found works.

Just got mine airborn tonight (21:00 Nor. timezone) Complete newbie but have been surfing the web and watched Josh video (thank you very much Josh).

P Gain = 45
P Gain limit = 100
I Gain = 25
I Limit = 20

works ok but I think it drifts a bit. Have to read more and see if I can find anything on youtube or forums.

The board and frame arrived today and had to get it airborn, was fun flying it so I forgot to monitor battery voltage. Droped at 3.05 and the quad tipped. The kk board survied thanks to another flitetest tip, I mounted the board in the box it came in. :)
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