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What aviation movies do you own?

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
YES!!! I love those magnificent men in their flying machines!! My dad used to watch that all the time. I just saw it on tv a month or so ago. I don't own many movies any more since we got rid of our VHS stuff. Used to have flight of the pheonix (the old and good one), I do have the aviator. I might still have memphis belle. Anyone remember flight of the intruder?


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Serenity IS awesome, but no.

Same with Star Trek.

Blackhawk down, does fit sort of.

The Aviator for sure.

The Nova special? Really?

Ehmmm......Kinda embarrasing.....

My list is (counting all possible variations):
Pearl Harbour
Planes II
Big Hero 6 (flying robot)
Kiki's delivery service (witch on broomstick, Zeppelin and realistic man powered aircraft)
Bernhard & Bianca/The rescuers(Albatross)

Yes, I have small children.......
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