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What battery, esc motor, prop etc?


creator of virtual planes
It's better to go with everything being bigger than you need. You can always use less throttle when flying and a higher amp ESC will help to ensure that you won't burn it out. I don't think the weight difference between a 15amp ESC and a 30amp ESC is that much and it might be worth the extra money because it should last longer and grow with you.

The Hobby King Donkey series seems pretty good for a motor. More power than you need, but that's a good thing as long as you don't push the limits of the planes. Just go with the 2cell battery for now.

An 8x4 prop is a good place to start. You'll be surprised how fast you can go through props. If you have a motor that can handle a faster/bigger pitch prop, you might eventually want to work up to that.

You'd probably want to start with a 2cell battery, maybe go with the highest "C" rating you can get to ensure you don't puff the battery. A 500mah 2cell battery is a good one to have laying around for something light. A 1000mah battery is good for longer flights but still isn't super heavy. A 1300mah 3cell is good to have around too, but you don't have to order everything you'll eventually want/need all at once. If you live in the USA and order from Hobby King's USA warehouse, it doesn't take very long to receive an order.

The Turnigy Accucell battery charger is pretty good. But you have to get your own power supply. Which can be tricky to get your hands on one.
I'm using a NTM 28 26 1200 kv motor with a 25A turnigy ESC, and 1300 30C batteries, I have used this package in three different swappables (Spitfire, Old Foegy, and a Cub I designed) it works great, with props from 7X5 up to 10X4.7. I can slow fly the Foegy and scream the spitfire! No overheat issues. Good flight times .