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What Did You Fly Today

No. :oops: (I only searched "umx ultrix"...) Looks like the 600mm has landing gear and an actual XT-something plug for the battery. Neither of which appear on its little brother. I wonder how it handles at low speeds ... mine does that very well.

Anyway, the small one is still a joy to fly. And maybe I'll remember to get a flight on video sometime. :)
Started on a 600mm foam version on Friday , Mounting a couple of brushed quad motors , just working those details out now
First to the field, last to leave. Got super stupid with the FT TT, 4 packs FPV demo chasing planes and floating trees with the Strix AWK210 for a potential new guy at the field, More FPV plane chasing With the Nano Goblin, LaBelle Dame, Stratosurfer testing various ArduPilot flight modes, and wrapped it all up LOS testing various props on my newest Nano Goblin. First time I have flown one of my Goblins LOS. Making progress! Got some stuff to maiden next time out. Need more hours in the day.
@ foamy dm ...that was on low rates lol...done the rates thing forever ...!!! low was set to 40% mid to 70% and high at 100,all with 30 expo ....will reduce them and try again soon...

Not sure how much throw your high rates have, for my 3D planes my high rates have roughly 50% expo at least on the ailerons I can sti9ll handle 30% on elevator and rudder but the ailerons will get me if not enough expo.