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What Did You Fly Today

L Edge

Elite member
Flew my designed wing that is made to fly in small areas both low, slow and fast in gusty windy conditions. Today was my 50th flight and so far the only thing on it is hanger rashes. No crashes. No slinging it to launch, just release. I am going to do a thread on my design that doesn't exist and will explain why it works in being so stable. Could be used in combat. Used hat camera which was off. Sorry have another video I need to edit.



Well-known member
Flew the Eachine F22 Raptor.. nose is heavily damaged.. because it took some nose dives? (I guess raptor didn't realize it's not a Stuka :ROFLMAO:)
Once it is beaten up even more, I would transfer electronics to EZ Raptor (awesome designed by Addicted, and skins by GrizWiz).

2021-08-08 11.18 (1).jpeg 2021-08-08 11.18 (2).jpeg 2021-08-08 11.18.jpeg


Legendary member
Took out the new Eflite Extra 300S, definitely agile. Had to turn the throws down quite a bit but it flies really nice. I also removed the wheel pants for now so I could land on the grass, landing on the hard surface even when I thought my approach was smooth and close to the ground it would bounce really bad. I think as the wire flexes more it is getting better. Also took out the Goblin, for 2 sheets of FB it is just a blast to fly, to bad the filters on my camera can't pick it up very good.



Fred Banned Me
I got out and flew today:
- 3 batteries in the Flywhoo explorer, a crash or something popped off the RX antenna guide/protectors or it would have got more flights, didn't want to accidentally -
1 battery on the plank - which flew absolutely great... but slow and the motor was very warm/hot to the touch so I didn't want to put any more batteries through it. I need to work out a different motor setup for it before I fly it more.
My son got out and few:
- 2+ batteries in his FT Mini Beaver which flew great - I got a bit of air to air DVR video on my last battery
- 1+ batteries in a 3 channel TT He was doing stunts in the FT Mini Beaver and was having a good time with it.

I cut both a highlight clip of the Flywhoo Explorer DVR and a full cut for the day
Highlights (inc the Air to Air video):

Full cut: