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What do I need to know to fly legally?


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Ok, how much is it per year for an AMA membership?
I think it's $75/year; the benefits of it are that most AMA clubs require you to be a member to fly as a guest at their fields. That's come in handy for me when I've gone up to visit family in Northern California and went to fly at an AMA sanctioned field, or when I went to Phoenix to see my niece graduate high school - I flew at a field instead of sitting in a hotel room twiddling my thumbs. :)

As for putting your info on your plane, well...I have my cell phone number, FAA Registration number, and AMA number on it. If the plane goes down and I can't find it, I want someone to contact me so I can hopefully get it back. :)

And you need to have an FAA Drone Registration number on it if it's between 0.55 lbs and 55 lbs. Anything over that requires a different registration number, from what I understand similar to what you would need for a full size aircraft like say, a Cessna or Beechcraft.


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Has anyone heard of the test we are going to have to take? It's like 25 questions or something. I heard about it from the RC RoundTable podcast.
Again, one of those proposed things - nobody knows what's going to be on the test exactly, where you have to take it (other than "online"), and I've heard rumors (mind you, rumors are JUST rumors until I see it from the FAA) that it might only apply for people who are using the part 107 and do not fall under the part 336, Community Based Organization rule. Lots of "what if" and guesswork going on, causing people to get riled up over something he said, she said...


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@Merv do you know if their is a certain amount of feet you can fly on your property without a license?
As far as I know, there is no license. Not yet anyway.
The AMA is a membership, absolutely not a requirement, you can join or not.
The FAA is a registration, it is required for anything .55 pounds to 55 pounds. As long as you are outside.

I live in a rural part of the world, I have plenty of places to fly that nobody’s going to care. I’ve been flying for 30 years and nobody has ever cared. The only time it has ever mattered is when I visit a AMA club. AND it would matter if I ever cause a serious accident, something like flying into highway traffic. All of us need to be responsible, I choose to be prepared for the worst,

After flying alone for 10 years, flying with friends is WAY more fun.