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what exact is the Influence rating?


lumpy member
what is it? is it one big algorithm that takes into account everything from number of articles to average rating to average number of comments? or is it only one of those things? what would it mean to have a 100% Influence rating?

just got me a little confused. if one person has a 60% Influence rating shouldn't that only leave 40% for all the other article writers? seems like that would make more sense.

please explain!


Senior Member
does anyone know what it is?
Hey Zev, my best guess from my lone article is if you are a submitter the amount of people that give you a high rating and possibly from the number of views as well increases your influence percentage. Also if it gets shared or tweeted a number of times.


lumpy member
I understand what it represents, I was wondering what the actual algorithm takes into account and what it doesn't, ahem Chad ahem...