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What have you bought from the FT store?


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I decided I want to support the show by making a few purchases from the store. I intend to make a purchase each month (or so) even if it's just something small.

So, my April purchase was the FT Cruiser.

My "May" purchase so far was a tricopter body.

Maybe by June they'll have some of the new tricopter parts ready for sale, including that camera mount David designed.

I know I'm not the only one buying items, what have you bought?


Senior Member
Whew, if they sell it I've bought it. 3 pack, double blender, cruiser, fan pack, control horns and firewalls, and the tricopter body. Just waiting on the 3D as mine is about toasted.


Some guy in the desert
I want one of the quick build kits...but can't quite swing it in my budget with summer approaching (our AC bill here in the desert wipes out any kind of hobby budget) the spitfire may finally squeeze a bit more out of my budget though if it comes out soon ;)

I bought a pack of firewalls right after they came out and love them I finally broke two of them. One after a LOT of hard hits the skewers pulled through the thin material at the top. The other broke after just one or two not very hard hits - it was a straight crack right along the top screw lines so I think it was just bad luck that a weakness in the ply wound up in just the wrong spot.

I was impressed enough I ordered another pack of firewalls AND a pack of control horns.

The funny thing is - before I ordered those I ordered just a set of control horns. But before they even shipped I realized I needed more firewalls and tossed in the second bag of control horns on faith. That order for firewalls and control horns got here Friday, the order of just control horns I placed a few days earlier still hasn't arrived. But it did ship within 24 hours of the 2nd order. So I'm blaming USPS for it not being here yet :)

Still saving for motors/esc's to do a tri but when I do I'm really thinking about one of David's base plates and Chad's new tilt looks very intersting....

Would love to see them add linkage stoppers to the store since they seem to be out of stock way too often almost everywhere. But I guess they got a laser cutter not a CNC mill so that may be asking a bit much :)


Junior Member
I have purchased, tshirt, blender speedbuild double, firewall, control horns... We are combat-ing with the Bloody Wonders, so I am anxiously awaiting a "Six-Pack" of Bloody Wonder Speedbuild kits!


Gremlin on the Wing
I purchased a few T-shirts way back when there wasn't much more offered in the store, but now with the new Rotor Bones series, I will be picking up some build supplies.

I am highly anticipating the availability of the new "Bat Bone" tricopter body Chad has designed. I plan to succeed my original Sweptback V-tail with a version II using his custom frame. :cool: