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What is a good 3d printer thats cheap

mach1 rc

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So I'm not sure if I should buy a 3d printer or some more airplane supplies. I really like 3d printing but never enough to buy one.also I was wondering what 3d card is good. 🤔


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as far as printers, there are so many now it hard to keep track. things that are important are self leveling, and print size. chances are you won't need as big as you think. i have a monster bed that can do 300x300x400mm but mostly print things much smaller than that.

i could not live without my 3D printer. i have always been a "tinkerer" and preferred to build things myself. now i can easily fabricate almost anything. the ability to need, then design, then fabricate exactly what you need is the greatest thing ever.

i am sure there are much better out there but i use Tinkercad. it is free, simple, and able to do everything i need.

good luck,

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Ryan O.

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I used to have an Ender 3 until it died. A reputable place with good customer service will save you money in the long run. I stay away from Creality.

Ryan O.

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I've heard good about those what's wrong with them.
For an average customer they will sometimes use us as "BETA testers" by sending in additions to the design that are "half baked" and still need refining. From my experience Customer service isn't all that great. When I got my Ender 3 the biggest problem was the whole extruder assembly, I would definitely mount the filament somewhere else and replace the plastic assembly with a metal one. Every few prints I needed to adjust current for the steppers which can be annoying especially if you accidentally strip a current screw. Some of the steppers slowly got weaker and died. Instead of replacing all of them and their drivers which would have cost much more than the actual printer I decided to upgrade. If you are lucky and have a lot of patience then you can turn the machines into work horses but it is often better to start with a different printer that is slightly more expensive especially if you will be 3d printing a plane I would recommend a direct drive system. If you can find a used PRUSA MK2 then it should be perfect for anything rc plane related.
I know others say creality is a bad service. But i got an ender 3 and killed it after 30 seconds, so i then go an ender 5. built it then started printing I didn't have to align anything. I have had it for a few months and the thing is a work horse. Ive already printed for 29 hr staight and had no issues the only complant is the bed surface mine worped (this was my falt) then got the glass bed but it is heavy and if the printer is off the bed will slowly fall the bottom. hope this helps!