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What is everyone's opinion of the new FT radial motor?

I am a little confused on your results that the 8045 prop pulls the same RPM`s as the 9 inch prop?
You and me both. They're both "GWS Style Slowfly Propeller ____" from HobbyKing. One 8x4.5 and one 9x4.7. They're both supposed to be CCW (that's what my order says) but the 8x4.5 is actually CW. I reverse the motor direction and put the prop on facing the right direction so I dunno what else it could be. I also tried messing with all the knobs in BLHeli32 with timing, demag, rampup power, and PWM frequency to see if anything made a noticeable difference but I could only make the thrust numbers worse, especially in the case of rampup power.

I use the current (amps) measurement from the ESC telemetry and verify it measuring the voltage drop across the 50mOhm resistor inline with the power input. I'm not sure how you'd estimate it apart from using eCalc's PropCalc. For what it is worth, PropCalc says the 8" should run faster (9816RPM) and pull less current at max (8.9A). I've also tried with two different props from the same bag. All props are balanced before testing too.