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What is the best beginner aircraft?

Hi, Flitetest- huge fan. Need some help, i am doing my GCSE's and for DT am making a RC airplane, now my teacher suggsted i should go and buy one airplane first before makin one to submit for marking. So i am in a mash, i dont know what to get; but also want to get those cool EDF jets. I found one and am not sure sure whether i need to buy anyhing else or everything is given this is the site : http://www.nitrotek.co.uk/f-a-18e-64mm-jolly-roger-rc-jet-edf-rtf-2-4ghz.html

It looks awesome am not sure whether its the best for a beginner, if there is a good beginner rc EDF jet out there please reply help is appreciated.

Oh and also is this plane- after watching your beginner video series: http://www.nitrotek.co.uk/super-cub-piper-pa-18-4ch-brushless-rc-plane-2-4ghz.html its not an EDF but ts Medium-BIG!!
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In general - there are no scale planes that are beginner friendly.
BUT - some planes looks like scale but are designed for model flying and better than real scale.

The cub you linked to seems to have a weak spot in the propeller axle. Better is a pusher with a "protected" motor and prop, like the bixler and all other like it. If the motor is in the front it is best if the motor is behind a firewall and the propeller is on a prop saver.
That is not so important if you are getting a bigger plane like the old .40 size "beginner standard" where Everything is a lot more durable.

AND - a simulator is the best first (100) planes ;-)
Deranged Texan, I know not what you speak of...

On Topic: My first plane was a Super Cub LP by Horizon Hobby. It is a great plane to learn on with its forgiving characteristics, repairablity (hot glue and clear packing tape fixes everything), and parts for modifications (brushless motor mounts, cutting ailerons into the wings, a big canvas for paint/decals).
I'm a noob as well and went to check out a local flight club today. I talked to a 7-8 pilots about what I should be looking at for a first plane and the responses were very similar, a Super Cub or an Apprentice, both available locally or via Horizon Hobby. Most of them also highly recommended getting a simulator to help train for my first flight.


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Just because your teacher suggested that you buy a plane first doesn't mean you have to. You could build the FT Flyer or FT Old Fogey first. It would be good practice for building and great practice for flying. (And a lot cheaper.)