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What multirotor control board to buy ?


Never catch a multirotor
Hi guys,

Today there are many multirotor control boards available with a wide variance in electronics, protocols and off course price. In order to help beginners and making it somewhat more clearer I’d like to ask your experiences with the one(s) you are using. Some examples :

Less expensive (<USD50)
• Clones the KK Blue and Black boards
• HobbyKing V1 (Atmega48)
• HobbyKing V2 (Atmega168)
• DIY Wii Motion Plus & Arduino Pro Mini 328

More expensive (>USD50)
• Original KK Blue and Black boards (Atmega 168)
• Fyetech FY90-Q and FY91-Q
• Quadrino Zoom Rev2 (ITG3200 + Bar + Acc)
• MultiWii SE (ITG3205 + Bar + Acc)

For sure there are more boards. Some will be better for micro or large multirotors. Some will be better for acrobatic flights or aerial photo/video or even FPV.

A lot will off course relate to ones budget but for these multirotors being and getting more popular I thought it would be wise to share everyone’s data. I think it is usefull to explain WHY you like one board better then the other.

Oh, and when adding a vid please just include the link, this makes it more readable I guess.

Bring on the data !



Never catch a multirotor
Nice one Johntra .. that is a EUR95 (USD123) board so can be categorized to the more expensive boards. What is you experience with these and its software ?


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I have not experienced these boards yet. But what you get with the board seems to be a good deal. I dont know if I would start with it I definitely think the HK KK V2 seems like the best deal.


Multi-rotor madman
I have both Fly cam blackboard .......i really like the mim gyros on my blackboard

I have KK Black boards on my quad and my tricopter. I am xtremely happy with them as well. The mems gyros on them really lock in good. I use my tri and my quad for fpv and aerial filming......couldnt ask for more really.


I have the Open Pilot board and love it. The board is super easy to set up and works well. The software is childs play to understand and programming the board for what ever type of flying you want takes minutes. But more than that, the friendly community on the forum is priceless. They are very happy to help with any issues or advice for the simple quad build to writing code or building a super monster octocopter. Check out there website http://www.openpilot.org/


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I hopefully will be using a HK KK V2 board. I got it lying here but don´t have an AVR programmer and haven´t finished building, yet.

I´ll tell you how it works out with me when I get some progress.
I just purchased the HK KK V2 board and the AVR Programmer. Not yet arrived, only ordered yesterday. LOL, I will have the card, programer, and no software... Doh... Guess I will find it somewhere...


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Thought i would reopen this thread for discussion.
I have noticed a lot of multicopter boards coming out just wanted to touch on them and see what everyone likes the most and their pros and cons.
Hobbyking multi-rotor 2.1, 3.0
KK blackboard v5.5 -What makes this one so special? Why does it cost so much more?
OpenPilot -Currently not in production. But in the process of making a whole new board.
DJI Naza looks like a good platform but very pricey.
Quadrino ZOOM -I know nothing about this board. Is it worth the 145usd?
there is also the multi-wii, home-mades and what not.
So. What does everyone use? does anyone have several of these board and compared them?
surely the pre fabs are boring ;)
I love the idea you can take a wii controller and a nun chuck and make something fly. Wicked !!!
those quadrino boards are nice though, bit pricey compared to what you can cobble together. and it runs the same code :)
has anyone ever used this type of DIY multiwii?