What paint do you use (simple scout paint scheme suggestions)


Hello, everybody! Since my electronics problems and watt problems are all gone I decided to paint my scout. what paint should I use? I think Tamiya would be good for specific aircraft colors. Has anybody tried Tamiya yet? I also need to know if spray paint melts depron or woodrock.

well thoughts are my questions
but I thought of something fun
since a lot of you guys helped me choose my first plane, and help with questions. i decided to let you guys choose my simple scout's first paint scheme!!
feel free to post any suggestions. (will do it if time/money allows)


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...what paint should I use?...if spray paint melts depron or woodrock...
Yes some spray paints will melt foam. It's not so much the paint as the propellent. Some have had success by holding the paint can 18 inches or so away from the foam. This gives just enough time for the propellent to evaporate before the paint hits the foam. I would always test a new brand of paint on scrap foam to see if there is going to be a problem.

Here are some resources that may help



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For 10 years I have been making models out of foam and for all 10 years I have been covering models with colored tape with an iron: it is beautiful and increases strength!

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I have never heard of covering your models with colored tape. How does it work? Were do you get the tape? Is it just a normal clothes iron that does it?


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My go to spray paint is Plastikote. Most colours are foam-friendly, but even the ones that can have a slight meltiness to them can be used if you apply thin layers from a distance.

I don’t have a good place to spray paint anymore though, so I’m gonna be brushing on acrylics for my next paint jobs.
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I just bought a small iron and picked up the temperature on pieces of foam when the tape is welded and does not melt.I have been using it for 12 years.Try to break the painted foam and foam covered with adhesive tape with an iron - this is heaven and earth!!!


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Here is a picture of my Scout XL from the Dawn Patrol at Flite Fest last year...