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What Plane is This?

You are correct.

When I was a kid, dad used to take me to a public park which had a paved R/C runway. I still remember the day when the only guy out there was doing touch and go's with his Mister Mulligan. His touch and go's alternated directions.

You're up.
Funny thing is, I knew it from the RC model as well. At my last RC field, one of the older gentleman had a GIANT version. So large in fact, that he built a swinging crane arm into his truck to help him lift the fuselage from the bed and lower it to the ground. Was quite an impressive sight!

Here is the next plane:
I was preflighting at the airport and this taxied by. Anybody have a clue what it is. I have never seen a twin high wing with the engines not attached to the wing before.

I gave him the mandatory thumbs up as he went by.


Skill Collector
I was hoping someone watching this thread could help me identify this model I just purchased:


It's got a roughly 7' wingspan and was referenced as a "1/4 Scale Classic" - although my google-fu isn't finding any plans or kits by that name - it's a tough set of words to search for. Lots of results that aren't helpful.