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What Radio Frequencies are legal in australia ??


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The lower two frequencies (910 and 980) are in the 3G mobile band. The others are used by commercial airliners for collision avoidance. In terms of the law, these systems aren't legal. In terms of getting caught, on 910 or 980 the risk is very, very low, but there is a possibility of interference from legal users.

2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz are covered on the low interference licences, and depending on where you operate in these bands you can use up to 1W or 2W on these frequencies.

1.2Ghz is available with the right HAM licence too.

Don't be put off by 5.8's purported 'lack of range'. With good antennas and the vrx mounted nice and high, you can get very respectable distance out of it (see BMSWEB and ilovetoflyfpv on YouTube).