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What the hell happened? Major crash!


Here is a segment from my last flight.
Mid-flight all the rotors just cut off and I crashed. Does anyone have an idea on what happened.

I have a few thoughts myself. I don't think its an ESC issue since all of the motors cut off at the same time and it's not a battery issue because I checked the batteries after the crash.
My thoughts are that the KK-board shut down for some reason.
The tilt-servo is a TowerPro MG995 which is kind of powerful and it's powersupply is the same as the KK-board, a HobbyKing UBEC 5A. I think I noticed the red LED flashed an other time when I tested the servo, but I don't know if this means the board resets or something. And even if it does, is that what happened?

Anyone have an idea?

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Hi Lubis you are having the same problem as me.....so today i re programmed all my esc`s to nic batteries to prevent low voltage cut out and set them all to high I have not had the chance to try it out yet but i will keep you posted on my results


Elemental Madness
looks like your esc's are programmed for hard cut off when the battery gets low. ^do what Brian did and make sure they are set for nicd batteries
what flight board and firmware are you using? I just had an issue like this. the first thing I did was reprogram the esc. It did not work. I never could figure it out. I found one bad solder joint and thought thats it, but it just dosent fly right now. I loose power randomly, and regain it just before hitting the ground. I have been flying some planes latley and havent had any more time to look into my issue, probably not the same, but I am curious.
Hi guys
My ESC's are programmed to soft-cut but also for LiPo's. I could change them to Ni-xx but in the video I had just put in new batteries so it doesn't feel like an ESC problem. But ofcourse I'll try reprogram them.

I use the HobbyKing KK2.0 board (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/...2_0_Multi_rotor_LCD_Flight_Control_Board.html) with the default firmware for Hexacopter +.

Anyone have an idea on the LED flashing on the board when I operate the servo?
So, an update.

Is seems that my servo is using to much amperage. It simply restarts the KK board in armed mode, hence it crashes.