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What's glydr building now??


How many letters do we ge
Yes there are two wings but it's not a biplane. I'm building two of these; one for me and one for a mate (not you lobstermash).

I've just done my first film on EPP job, reckon it came up pretty good.

Arguably the best 48" EPP pointy plank and though not designed for DS is often found in the circuit. Origin is USA.

What is it?




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Since no one else is having a go, are those the Moths?

I like the idea of film over EPP. I'll have to try it.
Is it as durable as tape? And do you need to keep the iron at a specific temperature?
(I'm assuming that you are using the film from HKing)


How many letters do we ge
Yup - these be the moths.

The film on EPP is a fantastic finish. Durability, not sure, but I imagine it is as good as tape.

The film I used is 'Lightex' which I picked up from that closing down hobby shop a while ago. I'd like to test the HK film, I do have one wing left to go but want to use Lightex because I know it works.

Lightex has a low temp for activating, so is good for the EPP. Though I have 3M77 below the film for belt and braces adhesion. Might do a vid if there is interest.
Still have mine in the box. One of these days BACK to Lake Wilson in Kansas, America home of the Midwest Slope Challenge.

It sounded more impressive in my head.