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What's going on with the FTCA?


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I've been thinking the same thing. I wasn't sure if newsletters were less of a focus now that the member portal is functional.

FTCA Director

Lee Kachner
I feel so loved!!

The FTCA HQ is hustling more than ever. We are primarily using the podcasts, website and member portal to keep everyone up-to-date, but if people need everything in a newsletter I'm not opposed to sending one.

The progress with the FAA is still very slow, but our efforts to prepare for their rulings are well on their way. We have been in countless meetings with officials and industry partners on what the next season of regulations are gong to look like. Our contacts in D.C. are ramping up for the next Reauthorization Act to begin to be formulated, so our attention has been there as well.

I could continue to explain everything we are doing at HQ, but I believe the best statement on what the FTCA is doing is what Fred said, "We are the FTCA." Something that really needs to get out there is that the FTCA is not us at HQ, it is made up and driven by those who are committing to join and come into the realm of the possibilities for the future of our hobby. Yes we help incentivize the "organization" with perks and support, but the true heart and factor of the FTCA resides in individuals like Fred that want to show how members are ambassadors for the cause in which we are fighting for. When we talk to the government about what we are, we don't tell them about what Josh or myself is capable of. We point them to the community that has made us what we are! WE ARE THE FTCA!

I truly appreciate the nudge in this! I too can get blinders on and think everyone is seeing what is happening. Please help me and one another to keep promoting the mission and ethos of the FTCA! Thank you!!


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We are primarily using the podcasts, website and member portal to keep everyone up-to-date
I don't always have time to watch all the podcasts (and take the time less) - a quick read over headlines to see what I need/want to know about tends to be easier. (yah, podcasts can be easy to make, but tend to take the longest amount of time to consume)

Where on the website/member portal are the updates being posted? I was unaware that updates were going there and was expecting them in the news letter.


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We need to have those DC contacts slip in an amendment restoring the prohibition of the FAA from regulating the hobby. Those clowns in DC never read these 1000-page bills anyway. Just slip it in!

Thanks for all that you do. It's because of FT and the FTCA that the hobby continues to grow despite the FAA.