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What's next after an easy star ?

Hey guys,

I just started flying RC planes last year. I learned on an Easy star 2. I've been enjoying the plane quite a lot, and I haven't crashed it once while learning, which I'm very proud of :) (so far)

However, I have some issues with the plane:
1. It's kinda slow (and it's getting boring :)
2. Doesn't like wind very much.

In completely still weather, flying the plane is much fun, but when even a little wind blows, it becomes a struggle, the plane basically goes wherever it wants to, not where I want it to :)

I guess I could mod the plane to make it faster (bigger motor etc), but I was thinking of building another plane which poses a bit more challenge. I've been eyeing some scales, maybe even edfs, but I'm not sure what would be an appropriate next step for me which is not insanely hard to fly, but more challenging than an easy star.
I would appreciate any suggestions!


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Fly the wings off
First off do you want to buy or build? The T28 Trojan is an awesome plane. It flies great,it a great first aileron bird but its very aerobatic too. It's a great performer, one of my favorites.


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If you want a plane that goes where you point it ..
I can recommend 2 planes.
They can fly slow - pentrate wind but are not fast.
1 : E-flite Mini Ultra Stick http://www.horizonhobby.com/products/EFL2250
It comes without servos, motor, esc, battery and radio .... but the plane is very complete and assembles in a shorter time than the Easy Star Kit.
2 : Parkzone Visionaire http://www.horizonhobby.com/products/visionaire-bnf-PKZ6580
It comes with everything except a transmitter if you have a DSM transmitter (Spektrum) or you have to replace with your own receiver.

I have been flying them "every weekend" all year in rain, snow and wind up to 14 m/s (30 mph).

Or stay with Multiplex and get a Dogfighter - it will for sure fill your need for speed and quality.

"Teachers" rekommendation in #2 are great planes together with the other warbirds in the same series from Parkzone.