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Whats the best way?

First of all, Hi im new to the forum.
Secondly, I have been starting to get into aerobatic models now, what way would anyone reccomend for me to practise. Is there a certain routine to follow if i want to be good?
Thanks ;)


Elemental Madness
welcome to the forums!
When you say aerobatic flying to you mean 3D or pattern flying? Either way, I would suggest an EPP model from Twisted Hobbies. They are super durable, I have crashed mine many times and it just bounces and then flies again. I have the Crack Pitts really love it:

Also, and very importantly, get a simulator. I use the PheonixRC simulator, but I think there are cheaper ones. This is SUPER important to practice on. It will save you money in the long run because of all the crashes you avoid.


Rotor Riot!
For when you're good on the simulator and want to take it out to real planes, start with something like an EPP Profile-type plane. They are hundreds of times more crashable than scale-looking EPO or balsa planes.

When you get excellent with that, you can move on to nicer models with less risk of ruining them.


Old age member
If you want to be a good aerobatic flyer then you should start with the maneuvres in the F3A programs and IMAC programs.
Do just one of the maneuvres at a time and get it perfect - in a straight line in front of you - the same hight and angle every time.
You shoul be able to do the maneuvres in all wind directions without the plane getting from its "line".
The you might need help from a "caller" who tells you what is next if you cant remember all the maneuvres in the competition. The order of the maneuvres dont nesessarily come same in different competitions so it is not easy to memorize the order.
When you know all the basic maneuvres then you should design your own "free program" or fly to music......