What's your building style?

Ryan O.

Out of Foam Board!
Everyone build a little different. For example, with the Master series I use blue tape to create a hinge. That way the leading edge is less exposed. When building a power pod I use a little extra glue before reheating it with the tip of glue gun to scrape it off. Some of these techniques can be really helpful, so share yours with the forums🙂


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I made a thread a while ago about mods to the flite test releases, and I must reiterate: Always reinforce your center wing joint in some way, be it fiber tape, popsicle sticks, or just an entire spar. It's also important to keep your hinges from peeling, because they will after some use. The best way I've found is to peel it back before you even put servos on them and reglue the foam with hot glue or CA. Just make sure not to stop the hinge from moving.


Cardboard Boy
I build everything out of wire cut foam now, some square or rectangular wooden sticks as spar and I cover the whole thing with paper using diluted white glue. Extremely stiff and smooth or whatever then.
Also im moving away from tape hinges exept for smaller models, I got some nylon hinges and I use 3d printed ones sometimes.