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What's Your Hobby


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Been a few years since ive spent a night out to sea! Loved sailing the southern Cali coast. My next adventure, should the world ever return to some form of normal, will be to sail the apostle islands...
Everyone has different hobby but I've a very different and unique hobby and that I love to collect the casual jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, printed phone cases, hats and other fun stuff of rapper and music artists like NF, Sean Paul, Lil Wayne, Charlie Puth etc, because I'm a music lover and always wanted to be a singer I know I couldn't be one but I love player music instrument like guitar when I get free time.
i used to race dirt bikes. loved it. kept me sane. but, as your mom always told you, "those things will kill you."

well, it didn't kill me but instead broke more bones than i can count, including my neck, and more head injuries than i quite literally can remember. it has been almost 5 yrs since i twisted a throttle in anger and i still miss it sooooooo much. nothing quite like going 80+mph through the dez. the focus and the concentration required just kinda took you to another place. like being in the eye of a tornado. all this chaos is surrounding you but your perfect. just epic when it all comes together. by time you got back to truck at end of day, you were ready for whatever nonsense the next week could bring. what could it do, i almost died 6 times today but didn't. you got nothing for me!

i also tried a little road racing on my electric bike, wish i had more time to work on this. i think i could have been fast.

this is my first time EVER on a road track with my Zero FXS. by the end of the day i had chopped over 10 sec off my lap time.


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i got lot's of hobbys rc plans,cars and boats taking care of pets fish birds bugs etc,learning about life like cells and murder drawing,gardening and war my favorite ww2 and i play guitar
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For me, my two big hobbies are geek pop culture things (I've gone to San Diego Comic-Con for 25 consecutive years, starting in 1991), and flying planes.

My life is kind of a mesh of The Goldbergs and FliteTest...I nearly drove my wife nuts once when I combined my love of 80's films and flying planes with this: