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Where to BUY KK2.0 Board

Hi, I have been looking into quad copters and I want to build the anycopter into a quad. My hold up is finding the kk2.0 board. Hobbyking is backordered. Is there anywhere else that I can get it?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Duke, you don't want this.

The technology here is quite out of date, considering this thread started in 2013.
It is, but with Steveis' firmware, he has ingeniously massaged the KK2 to the point where it's out-of-date-ness is much less harsh. I still use two. And while I can definitely tell the difference between the KK2 and the Naze32, it's not a stark difference, at least for my moderate skill set.

But where the KK2 still shines above the rest is the simple on-field instant changes. I realize there is blue-tooth offerings, but for a beginner that likes to test all sorts of settings and tunings, it's still not a bad card to have.
Is this too good to be true?

So cheap and cheap shipping to Canada!! Please help me out :)
Sorry, forgot to include the link


I'm a total noob and I need something user friendly and not a million finite options. I haven't really looked into the other FCs but the best thing I like about the KK2 is the onboard screen and buttons.

I can buy a CC3D from a local vendor for 28 CDN, but I honestly think this would be the best option for me...thoughts?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I think you'll enjoy the KK2. As I said, you can play with the settings at the field and get instant feed back what stuff does and doesn't do. I would highly suggest the KK2 mini. It does the same as the older big one, but shaves off 60% of the weight.

But the caveat is, you DO need to update the firmware, or you will definitely be flying with outdated 18 month to 2 year old inferior code. I can't recommend Steveis' firmware enough, and you should at least start with V1.17S1 as a minimum. Of course, that means purchasing the update tool as well.

If you do decide to experiment with settings, make sure you write down the settings that are at least working "ok", so if you mess around too much and get confused, you can return to a baseline.