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Where to get flight control boards

Hey guys,

I bought a HK nanoWii board for a Windestahl-style tricopter, but I have a recurring issue with it: one motor always cuts out after a while. At first I thought it was a problem with the motor/ESC, so I swapped it out. Turns out it's not, it's the control board.

Reading further it seems that HK stole the nanowii prototype schematics from the original nanoWii designer, who sells his design through flyduino.com.

As a consequence, I'm really disappointed in HK and not going to bother getting control boards from them anymore - I'm sure lots of people love the KK2.0 board, but I'll just point to the fact that it was designed by someone else who gets paid royalties. And he's probably the only one that is officially recognized as such by HK. (I've never seen the mention of royalties on another product in their inventory).

So my next step is to order the original nanoWii which has much higher quality workmanship (each board is tested before it's sent out), and say goodbye to the HK board.

Now for the real question: besides HobbyKing and flyduino.com, who else sells flight control boards for either Arducopter or Multiwii? I don't like being restricted in my choice of supplier.