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Where to get Foamboard in Europe


first of all I'm not sure if this is the correct subforum, so sorry.

Is anyone from Europa/Germany and knows where to get a good foamboard for scratchbuilding the e.g. flitetest planes?

Hi xoration,

the Kapa-Plates are Cardboard, Foam, Cardboard which is much havier than Paper, Foam, Paper. There are many sources. I never used it.

The boards from Foamboarden.de are 15% heavier than the Boards from Modulor.de. The Boards from Modulor are 50% heavier than Dollar Tree foam.

Most of my planes are Modulor. Many parts of the FT Cruiser are Foamborden.

There is no big difference between both. Foamboarden is 5 cm longer, it's a bit harder. Modulor eats up more blades but bevel cuts are easier.
In my opinion, Kappa Board is not the right material for the job.

If you already have Kappa Board, try it and report Maybe I am wrong.

I prefer most "Foambord weiss, weisser Rand" from Modulor.de, my second joice is Foamboard (not Kappaboard) from Foamboarden.de.

Much better would be having the original Adams or Dollar Tree foam, but we don't have.

If I find new sources, I will report.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Much better would be having the original Adams or Dollar Tree foam, but we don't have.
Careful what you wish for -- it's cheap and marginally useable, but that's about where it's charms end. You may be paying more (ok, a *lot* more), but you're likely getting a better material to work with in return.
I am currently building a FT3d with the Kapa board. And well I don't know yet how good it will be for sure it is heavy but it's also very sturdy.

Might be good for a few impacts :)
As I am new to the 3d stuff.

I will report back how good it will fly with kapa