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Which Bixler??


Junior Member
Hi Folks,

I am looking at getting a Bixler as my second plane (Currently have a Boomerang Trainer). I have looked as all the reviews out there on the different versions but am a little unsure of which way to go. My options are:

- Bixler Ver 1.1 ARF
- Bixler Ver 2 (stock motor)
- Bixler Ver 2 (upgraded motor - NTM Prop Drive 28-36 1800KV 438W)

I guess the side questions are:
- Are the flaps on the Version 2 worth bothering with for non-FPV flying.
- The wing attachments on the Version 2 seem better than the earlier versions
- Is the stock motor on the Version 2 that much worse than Version 1 as people make it out to be?

Appreciate your thoughts.



Propaganda machine
Tbh the motor on the V1 isn't fantastic in itself, and once you've tasted an upgrade you'll never go back. The wing attachment in the 1.1 is better than the V2, as it's through the top of the plane rather than the bottom. Flaps are a fun addition to any plane, but not essential unless you're really loading up your plane.

Also, don't limit yourself to the ARFs. Getting a kit and putting gear of your choosing, ie better servos and motor, is arguably a better option for not a lot more coin.


Rotor Riot!
I have flown the Bixler 1.0 stock with original and 6x4E propeller, and the Bixler 2 stock.

I don't like the Bixler 2. I love the Bixler 1.0.