Help! Which drone do i get?


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I like the tinyhawk 2 freestyle and the nanohawk x but not sure what would be better for me. I have lots of trees in the backyard so freestyle would be nice but i also want to case rc planes and dirt bikes so it should be kinda fast. I am a beginner when it comes to acro mode but think it would be really fun to learn. Thanks for any help!

Phin G

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Firstly, do you have a simulator to practice on, if not I suggest that you get one of those (DRL sim, Liftoff etc) If you want to be chasing rc planes and bikes in the long run, i would say start of with the tinyhawk 2 freestyle and then you can progress into 5” quads for chase footage. I believe the controller for the tinyhawke 2 that comes with it is FrSky D8 protocol so you should have no problem binding it to future crafts.

One word of advice, if your backgarden isn’t huge, i would not fly there as you could get stuck in trees and fly into neighbours also they may feel like their privicy is beings invaded. If you have a large field or soccer field i would suggest flying there, where there are no people there.
Hope this helps