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Help! Which FT plane do you suggest me ?

Hey guys,

I have a A2212/6t 2200 kv (51gr) cheap xxd chinese motor
30A esc
9gr servos
7/4 props, 6/4 props, 5x45 props
1600 mah 3s 25c lipo battery (100 gr) and 850 mah 3s 25c lipo battery (58 gr)

Also Im just a beginner for this hobby. Looking for FT planes but I am not sure which one is good for me and this setup.
Appreciated for helps :)
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your motor is rated for a kinda small prop diameter not the best choice for a big plane like the explorer in my opinion....... a smaller air frame would be better suited
to be honest I build most of my own planes but not many FT FoamBoard, I have used your motor prop esc combo on a FT versa wing and why I pointed out its not a bunch of thrust for a big plane like the Explorer that I also have built, but a wing although small is not for a new guy unless your flight sim trained and confident

the FT Tiny Trainer you pointed out is recommended ALOT,

I havent built a tiny trainer so just make sure your battery dimensions will fit before you begin your build choice, otherwise you will have another expense...others that have built it can advise on battery limits

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The Ft Flyer would be a great choice! Your motor is a little big for the TT. An FT 22 would also be an awesome choice and work well with your motor.
Which battery should i use on FT Flyer with this setup ? 3s 1600 mah or 3s 850 mah ?
Lighter is always better... I get 5+ min out of a 3s 800mah batteries in my home builds using a 2206 2300kv motor. your larger motor may bring the motor run time to 3 min or so, but for just starting out the flight time should be acceptable.

However you may need the larger battery to balance the plane out.