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Which Transmitter You Should Buy...

I'll preface this by stating I'm a more casual flyer...

I bought an FRSKY Taranis 9 Lite (or something like that), thinking I needed a "good" radio. That transmitter was delayed in coming, however, so I also bought a FLYSKY FS-I6X to carry me over until the Taranis arrived.

It's been a few years. I have three receivers for the Taranis, only two of which are in airplanes. I have FIFTEEN receivers for the cheaper FLYSKY, only one of which is not being used.

While I am certain the Taranis is a better transmitter with much more functionality, it's also more difficult to configure and find receivers for. Those receivers cost twice as much and generally take longer to arrive. There simply has yet to be a need for me to invest more effort in the more complicated radio.

To a new pilot, starting out, I think the FLYSKY, and transmitters like it, are more than enough.

I keep the Taranis because I am sure one day I'll have a plane complicated enough to need it, but for now, the FLYSKY is my go to transmitter.


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I just switched away from spektrum, people will hate me for it but it was the best decision ever. Picked up a RadioMaster TX16S. It it better than the DX6 in almost every way, and 100 bucks cheaper, even for the upgraded version. For all you spektrum fanboys, I was one of you, I have been using their equipment for over 10 years... but this really changes the game. I’ve got crossfire for my quads, Spektrum DSMX for my planes, and a whole host of toy grade protocols for anything else, not even to mention compatibility with other big names like futaba, FrSky, FlySky, etc. You also can’t forget to factor in the 4.3” color touchscreen, and the openTX interface that has become a staple in the hobby today. all that with 16 channels and the MP module is one heck of a deal. Even the range is better than my DX6. I had constant dropouts due to rf interference from the cell tower at my field, now I have had zero issues, not even one little micro failsafe. Check out my YT channel if you are interested in the TX16s, made some good comparison videos.
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Went from Spectrum Dx6E to FlySky FSi6 to Radiomaster TX16S. Staying with this one. NO brownouts, excellent compatibility which allows total flexibility and impressive programming with unlimited mixing capability.


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Well see that’s the one I wanted but just because I’m a kid I don’t have a lot of money I’m still having to spend a bunch of it on airplanes so I’m looking for a new radio that is reasonably priced and the radio master is looking pretty good what do you think about it?
I’ve seen enough people have problems with it I wouldn’t personally buy one myself. I’m a kid too so i get having to make it as affordable as possible. The t14 sport is $400 and is 14 channels but can operate up to 56 servos on xbus.


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So I shouldn’t go with the radio master?
much of this is all 'personal preference/opinion'... related to the 'seen problems with', I have seen more people have issues with spektrum TX/RXes then I have with radio master stuff.

I would suggest the RM unless you have a very specific use case that requires (via raw data) something else [most people that I know of who want really stable control links don't use DSMX, they use one of the 'module' systems that you connect to your radio... and to get a spektrum radio that supports that is really expensive]


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about the one situation I would suggest using the spektrum for a beginner who is cost conscious, is if your not very tech literate and everyone local uses spektrum. In that case, your likely only able to get local help with spektrum. (someone who can use an OpenTx radio system can probably help you with your spektrum - while they complain about how convoluted it is to setup, but the other way around is unlikely to happen)


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Just the thoughts of a relatively new guy;

What's wrong with the FlySky FS-i6X? While I crash, a lot, it's never been due to a TX or RX problem. Under $100 USD for a transmitter and 8 or 10 channel RX. Micro 4 channel rx for $20 that weigh about a gram+/-. Fairly easy to set up. You are limited to 20 models and I think 2 mixes per model, though I am not sure on the mix #.


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I am a Spektrum guy that also owns a RadioMaster TX16S, ease pf programing hands down Spektrum DX series and they will do just about any programing that OTx will do.
I am the only one that uses OTx in our club so any help is just not there when setting up a plane or quad. The basic setup in OTx has gotten pretty easy with the latest updates and set up wizard. Doing any mixing is another story at least for me as being tech literate. There ae many good Ytube videos but even there that is a problem as many will show different ways to do the same thing so it gets confusing.

I use nothing but Spektrum receivers ( Lemon ) bound to either transmitter and have never had a brown out or loss of signal ( mostly DSMX ).

My biggest grip about the TX16s is personnel as I hate the ergonomics of the blocky, narrow, square case it has versus my DX9.

I find the gimbals on the TX16s are good but with the weather changes my stick center drifts so have to recalibrate every so often, not a big deal but have not had to do that with my DX9.