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who likes daylight savings time?


Wake up! Time to fly!
I like it! It gives you another hour of light to fly! So you will have a lot more time to fly after school or work.

And it means spring is coming! :D
Actually the springing forward is putting it back to normal.

My thoughts are Im gettin old n not saving a thing. Gonna spend it all before I go as ya cant take it with ya.

Im all for wasting as much sun as possible flying so the more there is the more can be wasted.


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Personally, I think the whole thing is two hundred years outdated. We can pretty much set our clocks to get up when we need to. I'm not in a job where daylight is a premium. If I were, though? I'm pretty sure I could figure it out.

If I were in charge of people who needed the maximum number of daylight hours to complete their job? "OK. It's summer. We start earlier. It's now winter, we can't do anything till the sun comes up, we're starting later."

That's not really difficult. I see no reason for the hassle of resetting all my clocks twice a year.


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Actually the springing forward is putting it back to normal.
Nope :) Daylight Saving Time (a.k.a. "Summer Time") is a deviation from "standard" (or "timezone") time.

Yes to starting activity earlier in the morning, no to switching. An exact number displayed on or indicated by a clock doesn't matter that much.


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Another couple of weeks here in the UK till we move to 'summer time'. I remember all the hassle of missing online meetings with colleagues in the US for these two weeks when I used to work for Morgans.
Between EU and US, it's 3 weeks this year... A rough 3 weeks ahead for me. And it will get even more interesting when the EU will finally drop the DST.

I do not live in that world, Holy Cow, but I wish I did!! :D
I know how this sounds, but it's truly just a matter of decision. I've made that decision literally a month ago, and it's getting better and better every day. :D


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For me, I kinda like it. It means that "Flight School" starts up for my club - we're going to do flight training every Monday night from 5 until sunset at our field, and train ANYONE who wants to get into the world of RC flight!


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Apart from the reduction of electricity usage it is supposed to bring, and the CO2 reduction, (actually a failed argument in times where Airconditioning usage is high), The main advantage is for those living in an Eastern time zone. I allows you to contact those western businesses who would close an hour later in times of Daylight saving, (BUT you require to have rejected in your local state for the benefit to be realised).

Here in Queensland, (Australia), our capital city is on the eastern extremity of the state and so after a decade or two of trialing Daylight savings we rejected in a ballot! During summer the maximum time difference across Australia, (for Queensland residents), is only 1 hour, (+/-), so it brings our country close to being under a single time zone!

The biggest reason, (in jest of course), was that the farmers didn't like it because all of that extra sunlight was fading the curtains!:p.

The idea behind its economic value is based upon 1960's research but now the power usage actually increases because of daylight savings and not decrease, (as the initial research indicated).

Just a view from downunder!

Have fun!


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We voted here to abolish DST, but the government decided it needed more time to assess the consequences... I just wonder how much the plebiscite (referendum?) cost the taxpayers. Not to mention the consulting costs associated with their 'reassessment'.


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I was happy for it this time. Solved my skewed internal clock. As for light.... well it gets light at 3am and dark by 11pm. Not sure how much more daylight we need. I am sure parents of young kids would have an easier time at bedtime without it. For a while it is cool for flying. Then after a while it takes too long to get dark. Having to wait till midnight for night flying sucks