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Who's commented on Remote ID?


Faster than a speeding faceplant!
Well, if that's the case, we're all up a very dirty body of water without a rowing instrument, and shouldn't bother at all submitting. I refuse to believe that's the case.
I refuse to not consider the possibility, but that is no excuse not to try.

Look before you leap does not mean you don't leap. It just means you take a bit of time to plan out a strategy.

IMO we are two or three moves behind and possibly playing a rigged game. I think it's time to look for ways to change the game.

Captain Video

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When I coached my kids basketball and baseball teams, I preached two things: Keep a positive mental attitude and push/pull until the refs say stop. I know I have been pessimistic a bout this whole thing but if you think it will fail, it will. You have to try and think positively to succeed. 100% of the people who don't submit a comment will fail to help our cause and will complain about it. Those who do contribute have the knowledge they tried by contributing their two cents worth.
When coaching basketball I told the kids to push until you get your first foul and maybe your second. Getting those fouls sets the bar height to see how far you can go. Contribute comments, call your representatives, call TV and radio stations talk to friends and family and ask them to do the same. There is no referee to say stop but if you can get someone to say stop then they will remember.
If you don't try you can't complain about it!


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I am currently writing my first comment now. So far I have added in who I am and why the hobby is important to me, and a few reasons for why I will have to stop because of remote ID. I want to add in how to fix some rules so that I can still fly legally and safely without having to pay a lot of money or drive really far etc. Is there anything else that I need to add?

I know that a lot of people are saying that the FAA is just being corrupt, but I hope that if somebody (or me) can bring up a way to make more people happy while still reaching the desired goal, the FAA will recognize it.
I commented. Wrote a lengthy comment detailing issues with the NPRM and suggested changes to make it more compatible with the hobby. I've worked with people in government and have generally found that most are well-intentioned and dedicated, but are also often thrown tasks with tight deadlines that they have no knowledge about or training in (because "someone has to do it" and the person assigned happens to have availability). Helping them to understand what the hobby is and how it works is good. Ranting is non-productive.

A few suggested issues that one could tackle:
* privacy as relates to the information shared for those flying with Remote ID
* FRIAs can only be created for the first year
* no provision for retrofitting legacy aircraft with Remote ID
* no provision for flying over private land in remote areas without Remote ID (Class G airspace)
* the poorly conceived 51% amateur-built rule, which, among other issues, includes the transmitter and other electronic components in the 51% of stuff that potentially has to be fabricated and built by amateurs, and provides no definition around how the 51% is to be measured
* virtually useless Limited RID option - 400 foot radius sphere around the pilot (at 399 feet the aircraft would have just a few inches of vertical space in order to be less than 400 feet away), and of course, what happens to fixed wing aircraft as they approach that distance?
* requirement to individually register each aircraft even if not equipped with remote id, which serves no purpose and provides no useful information to the FAA