Whose hot rod-ed the big F22


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I built the mini F22 and it flys great after trimming it out. My go to small park plane. I'm looking at the big one now but thinking that 1200 - 1400 kv motor is just too small for this jet. I plan on putting a KF wing on it but I was wondering if anyone out there has done some motor swaps and what you're experience is.


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@BATTLEAXE has put his 3536 Rimfire on one. Not sure if he scaled it up or not tho...
I did put the Rimfire on it and it was awesome
I think he did it at 135%.
It was the Vector i upscaled to 135%, the alpha if i remember was 130% as well but the FT-22 was original size. Runs a 9" prop at 100% scale, that was all I needed.

Here is a vid of it...
There are more vids on the channel, some onboard stuff too.

One vid is a maiden flight of an A-22, had the streamline nose of the STEM Series jets and the modified body of the FT-22. Here is a link to that thread if you want some ideas. I eventually built 4 versions with various mods, one good mod was a two layer KFm wing, totally sold on that design. I am building a combat plane with a symmetrical KFm wing right now actually