Why did I buy a HF Yellow Bee?


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Actually, yes, you will completely believe it.
Based upon a mix of mostly good and some very bad reviews, all very old, I used a coupon and bought the stupid Yellow Bee. I taped the wing, expecting it to contact the ground frequently. Might have gone overboard though. Not only did it NOT fly, it doesn't glide either. It rolls left pretty hard immediately upon a glide test, and also powered. I don't feel like I put THAT much tape on.
I thought it would be a fun, cheap banging around plane. Definitely not.
I am not sure I can even return it, I did "fly" it after all. And there's the matter of the tape all over the wing. Ha ha!
I wonder if one of the motors is weak?

So, considering I have a pile of electronics and a plane of questionable flight readiness, I am now considering making a FT plane out of the parts. Two channel differential thrust might be suitable for something. The YB body is heavy plastic, and basically the whole thing is rubbish, but I can use the electronics and battery and so on.

But, what plane?
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As my sons and I had gone through several some years ago, you might want to be sure there is nothing wrapped around the prop shaft or be sure the prop is not rubbing on anything. If you have some soldering skills you could swap the motors and see if the trouble travels with the motor. I purchased the HF P51 as my first plane. it did not last long as my flight skills and and RC experience were quite limited. God luck.