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Why does this keep happening

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
My motors keep cutting out for a millisecond, I have checked all my connections and they are all ok so do any of you multirotor guys have any suggestions???


How many letters do we ge
Don't know. What is your setup? KK board?

I thought perhaps ESC cutout, but that wouldn't be all at once.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
OK I am running 1000kv motors , turnigy 25amp delux esc`s , KK2 board , turnigy 5000Mah 3s , turnigy 9x tx/rx.....I am sure it is not an esc issue as glydr said it wouldnt be all 4.....I keep going back to my connections and thinking if it disconnects why does it reconnect as quick everybody is telling me to check my soldering again witch i will do today and keep you posted
as colorex suggested, i think is the esc timing too; try to set them as HIGH or see if you can update the firmware to the simonk firmware ...


I found specs from Dlux ESC:
Default factory settings.
Brake: off
Battery: LiPo Auto Detect
Low Voltage: 3.2v (power down motor)
Timing: Auto
Frequency: 8KHz

maybe you are getting some voltage SAG on the battery when you accelerate too quick ?? Lower than 3.2V and power down feature assumes ?

On my ESCs, I programmed it for Nimh batteries so I NEVER get low voltage cutoff from them; i use a external beeper for low voltage. when it beeps, its time to land :D
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Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I have them all programmed to throttle reduction and have a beeper alarm fitted and set to 3.3v....the most feedback i am getting is because i am flying in a built up area i am getting WiFi interference which has been known. I am going to my flying field for the next flight where i fly my fixed wings and if its glitch free, then maybe that is my problem....will keep ya posted

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Ok so this afternoon i reprogrammed all the esc`s to high and set the battery to ni cad to avoid lvc ...will now have to wait for a break in the weather and see how we go