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Why not do an intro to EDF eletronics followed by an actual EDF scratch build


Junior Member
I have watched numerous build videos for foam EDF jets yet, they do not really go into detail (they explain it but just not deep enough) for actually building a jet to house an EDF motor nor do they go into the electronics of it. Either the video quality is poor, the voice is too low, or they just seem to think you already know about EDFs, how they work and how to create a thrust tube for a jet. I am a visual learner - if I can see step by step every part of the build process, I can then scratch build my own.

I just think with the FT crews easy to understand methods and excellent build videos, and JB's excellent build videos - this would be a great addition to their scratch builds.


creator of virtual planes
Hopefully they'll do exactly that soon. I know they've been dropping hints that they're going to release David's Viggen as a foam board plane. Hopefully it'll be EDF and they'll explain everything you're asking.