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Why you should own an Assassin combat wing


Have you ever found yourself in a position of some failure in communication between your fingers and the control surfaces of your RC aircraft? I have twice found myself in this very position with my Assassin combat wing in the last 3 days.

The first event was due to a broken rx antenna. I tossed the wing into the air, it climbed steeply to about 75 feet up and 75 ft downrange, then followed a beautiful parabolic arc controlled by gravity until I briefly regained control. I was able to shut the motor down and put it into a twisting dive before again losing contact. The resulting bounce was quite spectacular. It rebounded at least 10 feet into the air before coming to rest, its battery flailing like an overstuffed disemboweled intestine. Damage: None.

The second event occurred this evening. I soldered the antenna back on this RX and did a range check. Everything was A OK. Tossed the wing in the air and did a few vertical climbs and dives, pulling out just above the ground. My confidence was renewed so I made a wide circle to the north, out over the cemetery behind my house and beyond the road on the other side. That's when I lost contact again. She arced over, inverted through the top half of a loop. I wiggled the right stick like crazy. I momentarily had control and pointed it back toward me. It was probably 200 feet above the ground. Then, nothing. It went silent, nosed down and impacted perpendicularly to the ground. The resulting bounce was incredible! Must have been 15 feet +! As I walked over, I noticed I again had elevon control. Damage: One motor connector came detached from the wire. Cause of crash: I did not have the rx properly secured and the esc connector worked just loose enough to loose contact.

If it had not been almost dark, I could have soldered the motor connector, tossed it right back up again. Tough bird!


More combat please...

I love the Assassin. It is currently my favorite plane. Sure I have fun with my cub and messing around with other planes (have you seen the new upgraded PZ Corsair!) but the Assassin is still my fave :) Even over my cut down Reaper that was just dopplered at 87mph on an almost empty battery...


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I guess we have been lucky so far. It's been hot no doubt, but haven't seen many triple digit days... I'm near Houston though and I think the Gulf helps a little.
It has been toasty in SE Texas, but it hasn't been as brutal this year as it was last year. I live between Houston and Katy.

Josh Bixler has been working on a flying wing design for the swappable series it seems. But having seen their product development time frames, we may not much more of it for a few more weeks.

Where can one pick up one of these Assassins?


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Where can one pick up one of these Assassins?

Let Lee know that Squishy from Sacramento sent ya, and buy the three pack, you save shipping on two of them...

The best combat setup we have found is:

Motor: Grayson hobby microjet 2200kv spinning 6x4
ESC: 30 amp
Battery 1300 3 cell 40 c or higher!
two high speed 9g servos
A couple strips of lights to lay in the foam

If you use a 2200 battery it will not be as agile or fast and will not glide as well, if you use a larger 2200kv motor you will add to much weight and lose speed...

And no, they are not large enough for FPV, if you want a small FPV wing try the popwing/swift. That's about as small as I would go..


I'll add that the servos should be metal gear. I fly the same motor, but with an APC 6x3e prop-not much difference. It is fast, yet with enough thrust to pretty much fly out of my hand without much of a toss. Great setup!


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Yea, but your humidity approaches 300 percent most days near the coast if I recall correctly.

Up here you can literally work "Shape Lock" by placing it in a glass measuring cup on the car hood for a short while. I call it the Solar Waterless Method! ;)

Teach, the problem with delivery is that the kid delivering for the USPS creases EVERYTHING down the middle (everything but the Aircraft Spruce Catalog that is). UPS usually gets here by midnight to 2am every third blue moon :p.

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