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WI Appleton/Fox Cities area fliers,crashers,builders wanted

I live in Kaukauna wi, looking for people to fly with and maybe do a build night. Would love to split a case of ft wp foamboard a couple of ways too. I might also have access to a 3d printer and lazer cutter. Wink wink
Hey that is great, sponz I tried to message you but your a popular guy. Your inbox is full, I messaged your son instead. Please reply to that message if you like.


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I was trying to get up some interest for this summer to pic a central location and have a fun day did not get much interest. So maybe this thread can be a start towards that, I live in Western Wisconsin
Lets just say that this is still active and ive got a small group of guys flying together occasionally. We fly in Greenville, Appleton, and Darboy. Pm me if interested.

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I'd be in for a fly-in anywhere between Milwaukee/Racine up thru Green Bay and Door County. I fly in Sturgeon Bay fairly regularly as well as Bong Rec area in Racine.
Well, I say we d o it then. Anyone have a nice flying area in mind? I know a few near green bay. I typically fly a couple parks that with low traffic and I know a nice large field.


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I am in Green Bay but I would really like to get together with some FT builders and flyers if the timing and location worked out. It would be great to look at other builds and exchange ideas.

I mostly fly at the soccer parks. There are three around me but it is pretty hit or miss. Can't fly when there are games going on or lots of people. There is also a club to the North East at an airport. I have only gotten out there a few times though.
Does Appleton, darboy, Kaukauna area work for anyone following the post? I have a few guys that i can pull together around here, not sure i can get them to greenbay. We fly on sundays occasionally, and another few of us meet on mondays with our odd work schedules.


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Keegan and I would love to meet up with more Flite Test builders and flyers as well. We also have a nice small, electric only, well maintained, non AMA flying field here in Fond du Lac. They people that run it are pretty open and welcoming to other people coming. Let me know if you are interested in that. We can travel too.
My latest interest has been in fpv. I would love to fly fpv with someone else. The arrow is a favorite for ease of building and it flies very nicely. A flying wing race would be fun! Any interests in that? I'm curious what we would bring to fly?


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I could make it down to the Appleton area. It would be nice to meet and talk to other FT builders and see their builds. I don't have any flying wings but have some other stuff.
I'm down in Madison and just getting back into RC. I have family up in Neenah, New London (Farm) and used to fly with the group in Oshkosh (WAM?) 20 years ago (eek).

Depending on my SCA schedule I'd love to have the opportunity to drop by and fly with people if it lined up.

So in short, I'd be interested in knowing about meetups and whatnot on the chance I can head up.


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It`s always that way with these things my nephew and I are over 3 hours 175 miles away from Appleton we are way over in the western part of Wisconsin.....Dang it.....