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Full details here

I think the Flite Test team has all the skills needed to develop a UAV to help save rhinos in Africa.

"The intent of the challenge is to focus on integration of embedded systems, so the aircraft performance requirements should not be very stressing. A team should be able to earn most of the aircraft performance points with a well-built hobby aircraft such as a Skywalker X-8. A team should be able to meet most of the embedded systems performance points with an ARM based computer. The winning team will be invited to demonstrate their UAV in Kruger Park, South Africa"​

"Most of the rhino poaching in South Africa’s Kruger National Park is done by incursions from neighboring Mozambique. Poachers enter the park and cross the unfenced South African border in the bush at night. They will then hunt for rhino and other animals using large caliber hunting rifles and night vision goggles. They are also armed with AK47 automatic assault rifles. They can illegally enter the park anywhere along the 220 mile border with Mozambique and operate for 1-3 days or longer at a time. This is rough African bush. There are almost no roads, only narrow game paths. No runways. No cellphone signal at ground level. They need to be detected and stopped before any animals are shot. Requirements: Teams must include no more than 5 members and 2 advisers. Members may be high school students, undergraduate college students, or hobbyists with no more than one graduate student. Advisers may be academics or professionals. Bill of materials must be less than $3,000."

Think about an ardupilot on a long range, efficient airframe.