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Will a 3.5mm bullet connector fit into another 4mm one?

Hey guys,
On the motor that I'm buying for my Bloody Baron there are these 3.5mm gold bullet connectors. I still have some gold 4mm connectors lying around. Do you think I could use these together? I mean, it's only 0.5mm difference, which is..... not a lot. I don't really want to spend another 5 euros on some bullet connectors while I still have some :/.
Thanks in advance for the help ;)



Trash Hauler emeritus
Even some 3.5mm connectors of different brands will not fit tightly enough together with each other, because of slight differences in manufacturing tolerances.


Trash Hauler emeritus
Most likely, yes. Although I haven't bought that specific Hobbyking motor, I have bought those 3-wire bullet sets from Hobbyking before, and they fit perfectly with other Hobbyking motors I bought that had 3.5mm bullets preinstalled.