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Will it Fly?

Started a new build this week, actually it is my first build. I was going to build a air boat for my 6yr old to have fun with then I thought Hydro Plane. So earlier this week I went to DollarTree and got some foam board. I had some left over pink board from a insulation thing and now it is coming together. I removed the paper from 2 sheets, added a couple spars and glued them together. About the tme I had the floats sanded to shape the postman showed up with my nichrome wire. Sweet! About 5 minutes later I had built a foam cutter. No Joke. Anyways my project is on its way and will hopefully be flying in the next couple of days. Foam cutter worked awsome for cutting out a canopy and a cavity for electronics in the fuselage.



Rotor Riot!
I actually figured I was going to make a float plane - there is a place on the beach where the water fills up during the high tide. So no waves during the low tide. I was planning on the Polaris, but now I'm tempted to something 4ch like an Extra 300S that I found a nice plan for.
I got the rudder and elevon slave links done but I need to get a servo extention before I can mount the fuselage. To HOT in the garage to do much work.
On the rudders I was thinking with 3 of them they wouldn't need to be too big. If they don't have enough authority I will add to them.