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Will strapping batteries under the plane affect performance?


New member
Hi, ive got this mini scout and had to strap the battery under the plane as there is no more space inside the fuselage. Im using 2 strips of velcros and they seem to hold it firmly in place. Just wanted to know if it would affect the performance of the plane? CG and everything else seems okay


Legendary member
Do you do ground take offs with the Mini Scout?

I did it with the Mini Scout a few times but the ground I have here is pure country, not to many tennis courts to use as runways lol


New member
Yeah i mostly try to do ground take offs as much as possible but have to throw it in most cases(not a lot of flat fields and such in my area). The battery stays out of the way during ground take offs. So its okay for the battery to be under the plane? No change in plane performance?

Ryan O.

Elite member
It shouldn't affect performance too much. Probly only a click or two of up trim to counteract the drag bellow the cg. You shouldn't notice a difference while flying besides maybe a speed decrease of a mph or two.