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Solved Will this ESC able to power my FS-iA6B receiver?

Hi, I have Flysky FS-iA6B receiver. I'm only running 2 9g servos off it. The motor I'm running through the ESC is pretty similar in specs to the EMax MT1806, except for the fact that it's brushed and that it has a slightly lower peak RPM. However, I'm not sure whether the current the receiver is pulling is too much for the ESC to handle. In the manual of my receiver, it doesn't specifically says the amperage that it will draw, but it does say that this:

2.4GHz system: AFHDS 2A

Am I correct to assume that the "2A" refers to the current the receiver will draw?

If so, does that mean that this ESC is not suitable with it, since it only has a BEC mode of 1A?


Elite member
The receiver itself should only draw tens of miliamps (mA). Each of the 9 gram servos could draw 0.7 A under heavy load so you may be pushing it powering 2 of these with a 1A BEC. You could just plug everything in and drive the servos to full throw with your transmitter and see if the receiver drops out.