Winter is a time fer hovercraft!


Last fall I saw video of Peter Sripol playing with hovercraft designs; I liked how he approached the skirt, but wanted to mount only one engine. So I built a hovercraft that worked! Once. DTFB really doesn't like water, so it quickly fell apart in the snow.

I built another, and this time used 1) Flite Test foam board, and 2) a custom 3d printed mount/shroud. That worked great, and my friends and I blasted the hovercraft around our backyards all winter. That hovercraft is still in great shape, BTW, and I'll be using it to race the new hovercraft I just made, pictured below.

My new hovercraft runs on an A pack motor. The last one used an F pack. The last one had a battery box in front of the fan. This one has more space to slide the battery in from the back.

The last one was unadorned. This one was decorated by a couple of friends last night.