Winter is coming. Need a snow-worthy plane. Recommends?


I’ve taken my starter, E-flite UMX Radian through its paces. I want a plane with ailerons, and at least notably larger as well. Thing is, snow is coming soon and I need to pick a plane that can land (also, preferably takeoff - not hand toss) on snow.... obviously, the I’d pack the snow runway down with a shovel to be nice and even, smooth as possible.
What are my options? Some sort of “Ski” configuration? STOL model w/ large tires? (...Pontoons..?)


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I find winter opens many flying sites not available in the summer. The park that has too many people in the summer is now the perfect place to fly. Wide open space with nobody around and a snow plowed runway (parking lot).

Keep your battery warm, I keep mine inside my coat. Even so they will not last as long as they do in the summer. I normally get 9-10 minute flights, in the winter, I bring it down at 7, if my battery was not kept warm, better land at 5.

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I have a sea angel and it’s a ton of fun. I would probably however recommend the sea otter as a first large ft plane. That being said, the sea angel would be great too, it’s just not as durable. I’m looking forward to flying this winter and am considering doing a bushwacker and making some skis for it. Good luck and have fun!


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I'll second the above, anything that floats and flies will work on either snow or water. If you tape it up, could get a pusher explorer to work with a C motor