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Winter wonderland | FPV freestyle | Cinematic nature edit


Wake up! Time to fly!
Such a beautiful place to do FPV. You are however a very brave man. The first time I went under a tree and hit the throttle to do something the sound would make a HUGE glob of snow would fall on my quad and bury it making it never to be found until spring thaw.

I truly hate winter in my old age but fresh snow in the wilderness is always one of the prettiest sights ever. In the cities, towns, or my driveways and sidewalks.. not so much...

EDIT: thinking back.. That one frame for the video (thumbnail?) is almost like the perfect Christmas card style for this time of year.


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
I often don't find much appeal in flight videos but having seen your before decided to check this one out.

I'm originally from northern Illinois but now living in Maine and not quite as old as PsyBorg (hehe) so I have some fondness for winter and part of it is the scenery just as you've captured it so nicely. I also like that rewind move you did earlier in the clip.