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WL Toys V929 Quad Copter Review


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
This review is about the quad copter available at this link for about $45 US shipped:


If you look at the page linked above everything I cover is in pictures there as well as customer mods and videos.

I ordered mine in early October and also a 5 pack of Tigers 1S 600mAh 15C LiPo's.

Banggood had shipping problems with Chinese customs and had a small mountain of packages returned to them so it had to be reshipped. For my trouble and the delay they graciously refunded 30% of the price immediately. I Finally received it Tuesday the 13th day of November.

It was packaged securely in a purpose made foam container and was fully assembled.

The contents were as follows:
A fully assembled Quad Copter as seen in the photo at the bottom of this post,
4 extra blades
1 battery and wall charger with adapter for USA wall jacks
2.4 GHz Transmitter
Chinglish manual
And of course the 5 extra batteries I ordered Plus an extra control board that I had ordered as well.

Total after my 30% back was about $47 delivered.

The copter is rumored to be identical to the Blade MQX with most if not all parts being interchangeable.
Another plus is that it readily binds to the Turnigy 9X.

The canopy is kinda hokey (I received a green one as there is no choice) but can be replaced by many paper designs available by a search at RC Groups or Google or made from many household items. My favorite is the bottom 1 1/2" of a disposable plastic drink cup which can be made in less than 5 minutes with little more than a pair of scissors (a hand hole punch makes it even faster).

The included 2.4GHz Transmitter I received is Mode 2 and is a smaller form factor than a full size such as the 9X and is run by 6AA batteries.

It has several features that make it ideal for beginners.
It boots up in a mode with only 20% of full throws which translates to a VERY docile flight.

A button on the top left of the transmitter allows changing from the default 20% in steps to 40%, 60% and 100%

I use 40% or 60% for most of my flying.

At 100 percent things start to happen for this craft.
Sudden control motions translate to a flip or roll which I would NEVER try on one of my more expensive multi's.

To flip or roll just make sure you are set to 100% then establish a hover about 8' high (or higher) then momentarily pull or push the stick to it's limit. A complete roll or flip will occur and the craft recovers nicely with little user input.

The props on this quad are somewhat flexible and resist breaking in crashes.
I haven't broken anything yet and I have crashed into concrete from 10' up.

The arms are square carbon fiber tubes with the motor wiring run inside it.

The blades are turned from a small high speed brushed motor driving a pinion gear attached to a carbon drive shaft which attaches to the blade with a screw through the blade shank and through the "drive" shaft.

I have modified the landing gear on mine with a TyWrap attached to the bottom of each of the 4 "legs and curled back towards the center of the craft as seen below:

I would recommend this craft to anyone from Beginner to experienced multicopter pilot. Sometimes it is just nice to fly something you don't mind crashing because first it was low cost and secondly it doesn't break easily.

All parts are available if you manage to break it and are fairly low cost as well unlike heli's which tend to break the bank ;) .



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Rotor Riot!
Do you think it would be worth it trying to resell this quadcopter here in Ecuador? Say I buy 10 of them and sell them for $75 each?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I forgot to add that this quad should easily carry a standard HD Keychain camera.

Andre, buy a couple and try it. You can always order a bigger lot if the initial lot gets snapped up immediately.

Lower profit and higher volume is a good way to go, say $60 but you know the market there better than someone 6 hours north of you.



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Why not? Do you think it's too much? People don't know how much not to pay anyway!

Here is a new RC store in Ecuador, no quads: http://www.aeromodelismo-online.com/

Here are some other local products: http://www.olx.com.ec/q/remoto/c-211
Considering it is a copy of the Blade MQX the price is very good at $75 and GREAT at $45 but the standard canopy might sell better if repainted in a solid color rather than the "bug" format (depends on your buyers age)..Make sure to stock plenty of Tigers batteries and other spare parts too.

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Rotor Riot!
Looks like you have a market, Andre! What is the mark-up on these products compared to the HK price?
HEHE I was just looking through the store - prices are not marked, typical Ecuadorian charge-as-much-as-you-can mindset. I sent them an e-mail telling them I already am a HK customer, to see if I get cheaper prices or if I get thrown out of their store. :D

I'll send them another note from another e-mail asking a price without telling them I'm a HK customer. To see what I can charge for stuff! They'll probably sell those little quads for $100 if they can!


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I just tried a Keychain camera on my drink cup canopy (flat top for velcro attachment). It was jello free but I did not have adequate light to post the test here. I will try again in daylight then post the results. There was no issue with weight at all. I think this will make one of the cheapest AP platforms you can buy.



Rotor Riot!
OK, so looks like this little quad will pay for my projects... Just need to sell a lot of them!

I think $75 is a good selling price - I can even ask $90 if I promise to have spare parts available!

Man, $45 free shipping with Registered Air Mail is truly awesome!